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Dobbin , W. Va.

A busy interchange point with the Western Maryland Railway is a focus of the rail activity at Dobbin. A tannery, freight house and team track, and a spur for pulpwood loading can keep a local crew hopping.

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Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company

Dobbin has seen better days as the sawmill and other wood industries are long gone. The interchange of the two railroads and a busy tannery helps this small town retain an element of importance to the rest of the world.

Dobbin track diagram.
The caboose passes Intermountain Junction.
Between Wilson Mills and Dobbin is a speck on the map where a short branch joins the mainline. The branch serves a coal mine that is out of sight but this small tower helps regulate the traffic flow at Intermountain Junction. The caboose drifts past as eastbound Extra 763 moves along the mainline.
Extra 763 entering Dobbin.
Extra 763 drifts into town. Club member Michael Hohn built several of the strutures at Dobbin. The depot was inspired by vintage images of a Western Maryland Railway depot that once served the actual town of Dobbin. He estimated the size of window panes to extrapolate building dimensions. Here's an image of the prototype Dobbin depot, circa 1905.
Potomac Tannery at Dobbin.
These large white buildings house the Potomac Tannery. Michael Hohn was inspired by vintage images of a tannery that once stood along the upper Potomac River. He used sheet basswood and carefully sized the parts to proportion. Several tanneries once operated in Pocahontas, Randolph and Tucker counties. All are now long gone. Here's an image of a prototype tannery in Richwood, W. Va. Each facility was a little different.
Extra 763 passes the WM interchange tracks.
Extra 763 leaves Dobbin and passes the interchange tracks with the Western Maryland Railway. On a West Virginia map, Dobbin would be just north of Thomas where the town of William lies.

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