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Ellamae, W. Va.

The town of Ellamae developed around the need for a large, non-coal industry. Several paper mill operations are, and were, located in or near West Virginia. Modern operations in Luke, Maryland and Covington, Virginia remain in operation. Smaller mills are long gone from Davis, Parsons and Richwood, West Virginia. The Ellamae Pulp & Paper Company is a big customer on our model railroad.

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Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company
Track diagram of Ellamae.
Four tracks serve the large mill. Inbound freight cars include tank cars and covered hoppers of caustic chemicals, flat cars and gondolas of pulpwood, and hoppers of coal for the powerhouse. A paper mill needs a steady supply of clean and empty box cars to ship out the finished product. Crews can spend over an hour pulling and spotting cars at the mill, and dodging mainline trains. Fifteen to twenty cars can easily fit into the tracks that serve the Ellamae Pulp & Paper Company.
Extra 763 rounds the curve and enters Ellamae, W. Va.
Extra 763 continues eastbound as it enters Ellamae near the paper mill powerhouse. Each end of our towns has a line drawing posted to assist train crews in switching duties.
Ellamae Pulp & Paper

The Ellamae Pulp & Paper operation can be seen in the background of this image. Only the front portion of the tracks and the structures are seen, wich offers an illusion of a larger operation and minimizes the modeled scene. Each track ends a few feet beyond the structures and can accomodate several freight cars. Real paper mills had strings of cars delivered a couple of times a day. Raw materials would arrive to make new product along with empty cars to ship the finished product. Long hidden tracks enable more than just a handful of freight cars to be switched here.

To offer an idea of the size of these industrial complexes, here's an image of the remains of a small operation in Davis, W. Va. And here's an image of another operation in Richwood, W. Va.

Extra 763 meets another train at Ellamae.
Extra 763 meets a hotshot westbound at Ellamae pulled by a pair of classic Western Maryland Railway diesel locomotives.
Extra 763 passes Barbour Metal Fabricators.

At the other end of Ellamae, Barbour Steel fabricates trusses and other assemblies for various industries. Inbound gondolas of structural steel shapes and outbound loads of trusses and other assemblies come and go. A small freight station and team track often find box cars, gondolas and an occassional tank car of fuel oil spotted for unloading.

On a West Virginia map, Ellamae would be near Philippi or Buckhannon.


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