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Junior, W. Va.

After leaving the Ravenswood yard, the first town encountered is Junior, W. Va. Some small industries, an interchange and a connection with another portion of our railroad make Junior and interesting spot.

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Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company

Junior is where the Elk Subdivision splits from the mainline to venture south to Charleston, W. Va. and connections with the New York Central and Chesapeake & Ohio railroads. On a West Virginia map, our town of Junior would be near Gilmer or Burnsville.

Only a few industries are served in Junior. The West Virginia Glass Company has a spur and receives fine glass sand, soda, additives, and materials for their box facility. All of these raw materials arrive in box cars, with outbound box cars of glass tableware. Glass was a major West Virginia industry for decades. Here's an image of a plant that once operated near Clarksburg.

We will follow eastbound Extra 763 as it progresses along our mainline. In the image above, the train has left a hidden helix that elevates the mainline twelve inches over the Ravenswood yard elevation.
Meeting an Elk Subdivision train at Junior.
Junior may not be a big place, but there is plenty of rail action here. Trains to and from Charleston use the Elk Subdivision rails. Above, Extra 763 has a meet with a B&O powered train on the Elk Sub.
Steaming through Junior.

In the image above, the interchange tracks with a small short line can be seen ahead of the caboose on the right. The interchange connects a with short line railroad that serves a few local mines and towns. A freight house and team track is served by the track to the left of the train above. Goods are unloaded here for a nearby lumber yard, highway maintenance barn, and utility company. Pulpwood is often loaded here and sent to the paper mill further east on our railroad.

Over the years we have fielded many questions about our town of Junior. It is not named or modeled after the town of Junior along the Tygarts Valley River in Barbour County. Our Junior is named after Junior Spangler, one of our early members who passed away several years ago.


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