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West Staging :: Ravenswood, W. Va.

Our modeled railroad mainline is often considered the stage where action occurs. On each end of the railroad, large staging yards have a capacity to hold trains until they are scheduled to travel over the railroad. This is often compared to stage performances where actors are waiting out of sight in the wings for their cue to enter the scene.

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Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company

Ravenswood, W. Va. is the staging yard on the west end of our layout and the starting point for our tour. This facility is tucked under an active portion of the model railroad. Several eastbound trains are seen here ready to hit the mainline.

Eastbound trains ready at Ravesnswood, W. Va.

Westbound trains end their journey in Ravenswood. A large return loop was installed a few years ago to simplify turning locomotives and entire trains. As parts of this yard are difficult to access, the return loop has become a great tool to eliminate handling locomitves and rolling stock.

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