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The Hill

While not a town, the Hill is a significant feature along the mainline. This double track segment is over sixty feet long and raises the mainline over a foot in height along a twisting and demanding two percent grade.

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Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company
The railroad clings to the steep walls of Horseshoe Run on the west side of Backbone Mountain. The Hill is fully signaled with traffic controlled by AG Tower at the base of the grade. The Hill is one of the first views seen by visitors as they come down our steps. Trains look especially impressive travelling on the twisting grade, especially along a long arc with an eight-foot radius.
Eastbound Extra 763 digs in as the two percent grade begins.
Eastbound Extra 763 digs in as the two percent grade begins. Soon this train will be on the level above and behind it.
Tunnels, walls and rock cuts are commonplace on a mountain railroad. As scenery is developed along the Hill club members will strive to recreate these elements. A tunnel portal is currently in place .
A green board for Extra 763.
Both of the hill tracks are controlled by the interlocking tower at the base of the grade. Turnouts and signals are controlled by a tower operator sitting in an office twenty feet away. A portion of the scenery is in place here. Still much more to do.
Last signal before the top.
Extra 763 as a green board on the last signal on the Hill.
The hill in early 2006

This view is near the bottom of the grade and taken just after the Hill was rebuilt in early 2006 . To give you some perspective, the red EXIT sign in the distance is about 20 feet from the camera. Details and more images of the rebuilding can be seen here.

Horseshoe Run is a real place on the west side of Backbone Mountain. It is a rugged canyon that drains into the Cheat River at St. George. Here's an image taken in the lower part of the valley. And here's another that illustrates some of the topography.


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