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The Loops

Railroads often follow small streams to gain elevation in surmounting a mountain range. One of the finest examples of this type of engineering can be found at the Horseshoe Curve near Altoona, Pennsylvania. Our layout didn't have that kind of space, so we used a winding creek valley as a way to loop around and over the mainline to gain elevation.

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Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company
This area has some of our deepest scenes and features the longest bridge on the railroad. The Loops have been a favorite spot to catch trains rolling up or down the grade.
Extra 763 carefully comes downgrade through the Loops before heading into a tunnel and out of sight. It's bound for Patterson Creek, but our visible mainline ends at the tunnel.
The mainline viaduct.
The long, deck plate girder viaduct extends the mainline across the valley. This structure is about six feet in length and was inspired by a similar deck plate girder viaduct that spans Pleasant Creek on the B&O line to the Cowan coal fields, just south of Grafton, W. Va. Club member Steve Raqué spent many hours scratchbuilding portions of this bridge and modifying Micro Engineering girder and bridge parts. Scenery in this area nears completion.
Into the tunnel and off the layout.

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