Operating Sessions

Railroad operations have been a driving force in the design and construction of our club layout. The 500+ feet of single track mainline keeps busy during a session with express passenger and local passenger trains, local freights, and hot merchandise freights. We operate using a timetable for the scheduled trains and dispatcher issued train orders for the extras and locals. A Digitrax Digital Command Control system makes the models move and most of the track turnouts are hand thrown.

Engineer Ward Paine on duty.

Engineer Ward Paine has a moment between switching moves during the January 1, 2003 Op Session. The Potomac Tannery at Dobbin is is in the background.
Thee official name of the West Virginian Railway Company

We have had only two recent operating sessions in 2007. As the mainline projects are completed, more sessions will be held. We hope to hold another session before the end of 2007, and hold our annual January 1st session to kick off 2008. Click here to check out a report on the session from January 2006.

Feel free to examine the timetable, and layout review in the PDF files below. We typically have twelve crew positions available. If you are interested in joining our next session, please send me a message at 43admin@hansmanns.org.

Mon Valley Railroad Club Ops Info
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